What About My Kids?

If you have kiddos four or under we offer an engaging and loving nursery so that you can get some personal time with God. Children are a wonderful gift from God and we want to make sure they are protected so we make sure that only church members that are screened work in our nursery.  Nursery is available for all services.  If you feel more comfortable keeping your children in service, that’s fine too.
We have a special junior service for our young people aged four to eleven.  This takes place during our worship service at 10:30 am on Sunday.  Your child can expect games, singing, bible lessons, and activities.  Even for the youngest ages, understanding God’s love for us and His word is at the focus of what we do.
For our young adults (ages 12-18) we have a teen class every other Sunday night at 5:30 p.m.  This class is focused on teaching and discussion regarding how to apply the bible to our lives as believers.  Contemporary topics are discussed regarding the life of the Christ Follower and what it means to be in the world without being of the world.  Your young adult will be challenged to drive their world view from scripture as opposed to their feelings or culture.

What is the Worship Service Like?

First, expect a warm welcome from multiple people in the church.  We love it when we get to meet others in our community and feel honored when they choose to spend their Sunday with us!  We begin the service with heart-felt corporate singing to God, and then we spend some time in worship to our God.  After that Pastor Joel will open the Bible and preach a relevant and challenging message to the church followed by an invitation to respond to God in prayer.  The worship service lasts just under an hour and a half.  After service is a great opportunity to connect with friends and church family over snacks, coffee, cider, or cocoa.

Will I be Judged?

You may have had a bad experience at church before or you might be worried that you won’t fit in.  Have you made a mess of your life either now or in the past?  Don’t worry, so have we.  If you are worried about being judged, you can breathe easy.  The church is the place where we can gather together as imperfect and flawed people and encourage each other as we experience the transforming power of god’s Holy Spirit! Instead of being judged, you just might find someone who has been exactly where you are right now and find that they have the encouragement that you need.  There is hope in Jesus!  Find grace, not condemnation with us at Bellevue Baptist!

Am I Expected to Take Part in the Offering?

We take an offering every Sunday morning and Sunday evening.  If you are a guest with us, this is not for you.  You may have heard that preachers always want your money.  We want a relationship with you, not your money.  Keep your money at home and just come and be a part of the service.  The offering is for our members and we trust that God will take care of His church.

What Should I Wear?

There is no dress code at Bellevue Baptist Church.  We will be glad to have you as our guest however you may be dressed.  Typically you will find a spectrum of dress styles in the church from “Sunday best” to casual.  Our ministry leaders dress in more traditional Sunday attire but don’t let that dissuade you from coming however you are.  We have no expectation for attenders or members to wear a certain level of clothing.  We want you to feel welcome and comfortable here and for your visit to be a blessing.